New England Artists Catalog!!


Local Artist Here...

Being local to New England and involved with the arts I have come to love all that we can offer in this area and I want to try and let others know all the great things people can find art wise here in New England.

The intent of this catalog would be to provide:

  • More exposure for artists and their work
  • A much easier experience for those looking to enjoy or be more involved with local artists
  • Eventually.... possibly.... a resource for art enthusiasnts to find artists, shows or open studios relative to their location - whether its for residents or visitors to the area looking for a cultural experience
  • Publications that will promote artists, their work and the richness of New England arts.
Any and all pictures uploaded will ONLY be used in promotion of you in any and all artist publications and advertisements.

The form linked to below has an option for how much you want to "opt in" with your work.

CLICK HERE for the Submission Form

The submission deadline for the first ediiton is 4/21. A Google form has been created here which should allow you to easily add your information and upload samples of work.

We ask for the following:

  • Name, email (required - for our purposes in case we need to contact you) and location information as well as additional :
  • OPTIONAL information - such as
    • Social urls
    • A self write up
    • Description of works submitted
    • etc...
  • If you want to be in any printed materials try and upload images that are "print worthy".
    If you need help discerning quality contact via the below email link.

If you cannot use the google form or do not have the resources to capture or upload your pieces contact us at to see if we can try and work out some other process for submission.

Thank you!