If everyone is thinking alike - then someone isnt thinking.

Dr. Frank Zaverl Phd

Entrepeneur, Management, Analysis, AI/Neural Development, Software Engineering

Dr. Frank Zaverl began his career developing mathematical models and computational simulations using his formal education in theoretical mechanics and material science. With an interest in teaching, he has taught courses in mathematics, computer science and web technologies. This led to a decade of experience in educational assessment which included managing test development projects, data architecture design, and simulations using Item response theory (IRT). As a director of in assessment technology, he was responsible for the technical operations for the construction of QTI test data and transfer of such data to Pearson Vue for publication throughout their world-wide test centers.

He has an extensive scientific, mathematical, and technical experience with a strong interest in data design, algorithm development and production management. In addition, he is an outdoor enthusiast and a licensed USPA skydiver and a certified USPA ski instructor.