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Surface3D wants to make true 3D rendering attainable / easy.

Surface 3D is a library for developers to redner 3D data visualizations. The existing market leading libraruies are hard to work with and do not truly render in 3D space - they render in 2D to mimic 3D. This distinction is never more presient then when developers would want to allow users to rotate a visualization or to provide advanced visualizations over time (think a time based rendering of the earth and Covid-19 hotspots).


If you look at existing 3D rendering engines (code based) none of them seem to have a "brand" and their logos seem mostly to be created by the developers who created them. Surface 3D wanted something that would stay in both developers and artists minds - the user base for the library. We dedcided to stick to basics of the 3D concept but in a different way - with 3 translucent overlayed layers of the three primary colors used in digital rendering - the overlays even create a "3" on their left most edge. This simplicty, use of color and the use of the "S3D" moniker will keep the library readily recognizable.

Marketing Strategy

In order to gain community adoption we hooked into the Stack Overflow development community creating a coommunity geared twowards development with S3D. We also trolled the oher communities and where we saw they could benefit fom using S3D we recommended and provided links. We also created prize offering competitions which had alot of potential for a sort of crowd sourcing for creating examples and seeding the adoption of S3D within the Educational communities.